Pay As You Go Membership Option

Ideal for people with less than 5 Teeth

If you don’t have that many teeth, your oral health needs are different from those people with more teeth. Your oral health is still important and as dentistry is more than just teeth, the Pay as you go membership provides a better more cost effective way of joining the practice, but allowing you to ensure that you get regular checks and care of your mouth.

For those people who don’t want Monthly Direct Debit Payments

We find occasionally some people don’t want to set up a monthly direct debit to the practice. The Pay as you go option allows you to join the practice without the monthly payments, but get all the treatment options available to the plan members.

Ideal for those people with Full Dentures (no teeth)

If you don’t have any teeth, or wear Full dentures, there is no real need for you to join a monthly plan. Even if you don’t have any teeth, you should get your mouth checked annually for Mouth Cancer and ensure that your dentures are fitting properly. Most full dentures should be replaced every 6 years. When did you last get yours checked?

For those People who don’t want to commit to a 12 or 24 month contract

Not sure if we are the right dental practice for you? Going away fairly soon and you won’t be around for a full year? The Pay as you go option lets you join the practice for the length of time you want to be a member for or to see if we are the right practice for you without any time commitment.


We only recommend the Pay as you go membership option for the type of people mentioned above. For most people our plans are much more cost effective and will save you money. The cost of treatment in our plans is 15% LESS than the Pay as you go prices, plus as part of the plans you get some routine items such as X-rays included for free. We have found in the past that people who have a full or near full dentition and needed comprehensive care to bring their mouth back to optimum health, started to ration treatment they received and became less involved with their treatment. This essentially resulted in no real improvement in their oral health – a total failure in our book. So if you do have plenty of teeth and don’t fit any of the categories above, be warned, we will try and save you money by suggesting you join one of our membership plans!

Pack includes:

  • Details of Pay As You Go Membership
  • Pay As You Go Terms and Conditions
  • Practice Pricelist for treatments
  • Why we prefer people join our Monthly Plans where possible