Mouth Cancer

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The number of People diagnosed with Mouth Cancer in the UK each year
The number who will die without early detection
Number of cases linked to poor diet
More likely to develop mouth cancer if you smoke and drink alcohol to excess
The approximate number of people who die from mouth cancer each day
The increase in mouth cancer cases over the last 10 years

Risk Factors


Excessive use of alcohol is linked to more than a third of mouth cancer cases in men and a fifth in women. Combining heavy drinking with smoking increases the risk of mouth cancer 35 times more that those that don’t, as alcohol aids the absorption of tobacco in the mouth.

Poor Diet

New research has suggested that there is a noticeable risk reduction for mouth cancer with every additional serving of fruit or vegetables. It is therefore  important to maintain a healthy balanced diet as much as possible.


This is the leading cause of mouth cancer. Tobacco mixes with saliva to form a deadly cocktail that damages the cells in the mouth, which can make them turn cancerous. It is not known yet whether electronic cigarettes are a cause of mouth cancer, but research is being carried out to test this.

Human Papilloma Virus – HPV

This virus causes warts on our skin and in our mouths. It is increasingly being linked to mouth cancer and it is believed that within ten years it will be rivalling smoking and alcohol as the leading cause of mouth cancer. People with multiple sexual partners are more at risk of catching the virus.

Signs & Symptoms

Ulcers that do not heal after 3 weeks

Red and/or White patches in the mouth

Unusual lumps or swellings inside the mouth