A Bargain We Would Like to Make with You

Here is what we feel we owe to each other. It is what we would like our relationship with you to be built upon. If you have any concerns at all with this, we are happy to discuss with you what you feel would be fair.

We must tell you in advance, the cost of any major treatment.

We must do our very best treatment for you.

We must listen to you when you talk.

We must apologise and make amends if we don’t perform as we promise, and you can be the judge of our performance.

We will do our absolute level best to keep to time because we know everyone hates to be kept waiting.

You must complain if there is something that upsets you. That way we have a chance to put it right, apologise and give you appropriate compensation.

You should pay your bills on time.

If we ask, (We don’t ask everyone) we would like you to try to refer at least one person whom you feel would like the things we offer.