Who Are We?

The Tycoch Dental Centre is a small, independent, private dental practice that focuses on preventative dentistry for individuals or families alike. We believe that education of our patients is the best way of securing their dental health and that drilling and filling of teeth, however good the techniques and dental materials are these days, should always be seen as the need for further help and education to help protect our patients.

Obviously, we haven’t reached dental nirvana yet where none of our patients requires any treatment. We believe that when we do have to repair a damaged or broken tooth, we should use the latest techniques and best quality materials possible. Dentistry is a complex and challenging endeavour, with the human mouth being a very sensitive and punishing environment. We feel that one of our best treatment tools is time – time to talk, time to treat in a calm and none rushed atmosphere, time to educate, advise and assist, time to listen.

Visiting the dentist is not the most popular of experiences so we work hard to try and make your visit as pleasant as possible. Our younger members get a dedicated themed day just for them, where we can have a bit of fun while getting the dentistry done.