Tycoch Dental Centre Swansea

Dentistry Is Not A Race

The mouth is one of the most sensitive and punishing environments all at the same time. You can detect a thickness of mm between your teeth and apply a force of 100 – 200 pounds when biting, depending on which teeth are used. Dental treatments and techniques have to take this into account.

Maintaining the correct contact between the teeth when they are bitten together and ensuring any lateral movement on the teeth is correct and not applying too much force to any particular tooth is vital to making sure no damage is done to the teeth.

Dentistry needs to be done in a relaxed and non rushed atmosphere. With such fine tolerances, a small difference can have a big impact. It also gives time for treatment to be discussed, understood and better long term choices made.

At the Tycoch Dental Centre we want all our patients to understand what they need to do to maintain their oral health over a long period, the importance of every tooth, that extraction of a tooth should be the last resort for treatment and not the first and that they have total control over what happens in their mouth. With the main causes of dental decay and gum disease having been known for the last 40 years or more, it is still frustrating at how low the level of dental knowledge is amongst the wider general public. We want to change this for the members of the practice. Better knowledge will lead to better decisions, better care and less treatment over time.

Percentage of Adults with some form of Gum disease


An annual visit to the dentist decreases your chance of decay by