Building A Relationship

We believe that dentistry is a partnership between us and our members and we want to build a long term relationship with you to ensure consistent oral care.

A Long Term View

Where ever possible we recommend members consider the longer term view when considering treatment options.

It Is Not A Race

Your teeth can detect fractions of a millimetre between them, so dentistry should be done in a calm, considerate atmosphere to get the best outcome.

Seeing Is Believing

Seeing a picture of your dental problem makes it easier for you to understand. We will use a special camera to do this.

Not Only Teeth

Dentistry is not just about teeth, but the health of the whole head and neck area and how it relates to each other.

It Is Down To You

We can explain why problems occur, tell and show you how to prevent them, but we can’t make you do what we advise.

Membership Plans: Options Built With You In Mind

Everybody is different and has different oral needs, but we want to make it simple for you to become a member of the practice and not over complicate things. We have come up with three membership options that cover most of the requirements that people will need to achieve oral care. If you are not sure which plan would be the best for you, then don’t hesitate to contact us and we can discuss it with you.

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Learn to take control of your Oral Health

The Power To Control your Oral Health

By changing or adopting a few new dental care habits and products you can have a major impact on your oral health, avoiding the need for the cost of advanced dental treatment. Simple, low cost changes that will only take 10 minutes of your total day is all you need to take control.

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Why you need to come and see us

Adults who don't use mouthwash regularly


Adults who don't floss regularly


Annual visits to a dentist reduces your chance of decay by


Adults with one or more fillings


Adults with visible plaque



We will help you understand what is happening in your mouth, how to solve any problems and how best to get the best treatment options for you


Preventing problems occurring is the best long term health plan, so we will work with you to adopt simple, easy and quick tools and techniques to achieve it


We want you to feel that you have total control of your oral care. Through education and prevention we can build your confidence to achieve this


Once you know what your dental problems are, how to fix them and how to prevent future problems,  you will be able to relax about your oral care